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RE: qep'a' jeSwI'pu'

ja' DloraH:

> nuqDaq chaHtaH qep'a' jeSwI'pu''e' jay'?!

DaHjaj qep'a' wImuv Diane jIH je.
'uQ'a'Daq wISop.
'uQ'a'Daq HIpmey law' tu'lu''a'?

*Camp Dover*Daq ngevmeH HIpngupmey chenmoH Diane.
nupmey law' ngevbe'.
wIqem, ngup tuQnISba'mo' 'utlh quv, 'ej Dianevo' je'laH, ghajbe'chugh.

DloraH: tugh Verine rI'be'chugh Diane, Diane rI' Verine 'e' Datlhob.
vIqawmoH 'ach reH lIj Diane.  wej cha' wa' wa' jav pagh wej.

Today Diane and I joined the qep'a'.
We will eat at the banquet.
Will there be many uniforms at the banquet?

Diane made uniform cloaks to sell at Camp Dover.
She didn't sell many.
We'll bring them along, because the honorable grammarian obviously needs to
wear a cloak, and can buy one from Daine if not already in possession of
one.  {{:-)

Roger: If Diane doesn't call Verine soon, ask Verine to Call Diane.  I keep
reminding her, but Diane always forgets.  321-1603.

Qob (not a grammarian by a long shot, and long absent from the list)
This message took entirely too long to compose.  I need to pracice!

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