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Re: weather verbs' subject (was Re: middle voice)

ja' SuStel:
>Obvious, eh?  Okay then, I admit my serious lack of general knowledge.  Tell
>me what this obvious subject is.

SISba' 'eng jay'.  SIS bIQ chaghbogh Doch'e'.
SISbe'qu' pumbogh bIQ.  bIQ SISlu'.

>To better state what I think you really mean, KLINGONS find the correct
>subject so blatantly obvious that stating it has become an incorrect means
>of expression.

Qo'!  SISmeH vang 'engmey'e' 'e' DabuSchugh, bImujbe'.  bIqub neH.

>Because Klingons never say it, we humans haven't heard it,
>and THAT'S why we don't know what it is.

Okrand's explanation (as reported by DloraH) seems clear enough to me.

>Klingons understand these verbs.
>We don't.

vIyaj jIH.  qatlh DayajQo'?  In Klingon, it's the clouds which {SIS}, not
the falling drops of water.  The water {SISlu'} from the sky.  Qoch'a'?

-- ghunchu'wI'

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