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Re: qep'a' (was: Translation request)

ja' vIghro':
>I would LOVE to be there, just to be able to hear Klingon being spoken by
>the pros, but it being so far away makes it impossible for me to attend,
>due mostly to the high cost of transportation, and the lack of animal

qIt Hoch'e'. :-)  wa'logh bIjeSta'DI', ghaytan not bIjeSbe'qangqa'.  jIHvaD
qay'be'ba' chuq'a' -- qep'a'Daq latlhpu' vIghommeH, Europe vIghoSta' jay'.

Distance ceased to be a valid excuse for *me* as soon as I held my first
face-to-face conversation in Klingon.

>Now if a qep'a' could be scheduled to take place in So. Calif. some time
>in the future, I would make it a high priority to be there.

wej ben Las Vegas wIDan.  wa' ben nuSIQ Brussels.  chaq wa' nem juHlIj'e'
wIchargh!  Daq DaSuqlaH'a'?

If the pattern continues, qep'a' next year in Southern California is not
out of the question.  I'm sure Lawrence would be willing to consider it, if
he had a dedicated minion^H^H^H^H^H^Hassistant to help arrange the details

-- ghunchu'wI'

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