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From: David Trimboli 
From THE KLINGON WAY, p. 187:
Qu' DataghDI' 'aqtu' mellota' je tIqaw.
When you begin a mission, remember Aktuh and Melota.

Thank you!  Whew! It sure would be nice if TKW and KGT were indexed.  I spent 2
 hours looking through the books before I gave up.
   I did find something else in KGT that has brought up another question in my
{tug} meaning house, ancestral unit. How is it used?  I've finally chosen a
 family name and would like to know how to say vIghro' from the house of bonwI'
 or of the house of bonwI'.  KGT didn't go into that.
Thanks, again,
vIghro' bonwI'

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