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RE: KLBC: targhDaj HoHbogh loD

ja' DloraH

> > …jIHvad yImoD, DloraH.  bIQongnIS.  choloS 'ej jIbepbe'.

>The first time read this I think I got what you intended, but when I read
it again...
>"Hurry for me, DloraH.  You need to sleep.  You wait for me and I don't
complain."  hmm.

DopDaq qul yIchenmoH QobDI’ ghu’.  "jIHvad yImoDQo'.  bIQongnIS.  qaloS 'ej
jIbepbe' '" vIghItlh 'e' vIHech. .

Which I hope now means:.  "Don't rush for my sake.  You need your sleep.
I'll wait for you and not complain."  (ghumo')

>Wow.  That was a long KLBC.


DloraH, BG

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