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bonwI' (boo boo)

Is bonwI' simply a name, or is it suppose to be a klingon word with -wI';
because I couldn't find bon.

My screw up.  It's suppose to be bomwI'. (singer) 
Can't say it was a typo either as I checked more than one place where I wrote it and almost all are wrong
And yes, it is to be a name.  A family name, which is the reason behind questions I ask.

Careful, "house" is tuq.
Argh! I did it again!


With rank, title go after the name.  Same thing with "house".  This also
follows the standard noun-noun construction.
.... N1 N2 ...
Of all the N2 out there, this is the one that has to do with N1.
bonwI' tuq - of all the houses, this is the one that has to do with bonwI'.
Let me try to explain better what I am after.
I do not want to follow the KAG way of doing things  They use words like epetai, zantai, sutai, between the first and last name. In the shortest and most simple way possible I want to be able to say and write, 
"vIghro' of the house of bomwI'"  In proper tlhIngan Hol.
The West Coast group of KAG has made the announcement that we are breaking off from KAG which means changes might occur. I am suggesting proper tlhIngan Hol for the rank structure and things like that.  I'm not getting much reaction, so the best way I figure I  can do that is by and sticking to tlhIngan Hol as much as I possibly can, and setting an example. 
   I also see on page 40, last paragraph of KGT that the leader of a house is afforded the title joH.  I wanna do it right, and you folks are the experts.
  vIghro'  >^..^<

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