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Re: klingon songs....

SajQa Fenix:
> > The title is Aktuh and Melota.
> > The song, as far as I know has never been translated
> > very well. I do have some info about that and other
> > songs on my site, at:
> >

>The site referenced above has the clip of Aktuh and Melota that is heard on
>an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, but mostly all we hear is the
>name Melota repeated a lot of times.

That was "Unification, Part 1" I believe; the four-armed non-Klingon lounge 
singer was very familiar with "Aktuh and Mellota", though she admitted that 
she didn't get many requests for it.  In a later DS9 episode, we heard 
another selection from this opera:  a (love?) duet which Worf was 
particularly fond of.  (We saw him singing along with the male's part, or 
trying to, once when he was alone on the Defiant's bridge.)  It turns out 
that Worf is quite the Klingon opera fan; he has a collection of recordings 
on isolinear rods.

Speaking of Klingon opera {ghe'naQ}, in addition to {'aqtu' mellota' je} we 
know the titles of two others from KCD:

{tlhIngan jIH}, a popular opera about the nature of being Klingon 
[mentioned in the KCD novelization; not sure if it was on the CD]

{qul tuq} "House of Fire", a popular opera telling the tale of the House of 
SepIch [Qua'lon gave young Pok a leather-bound copy of the score as his 
{cha'nob}.  Knowing a five-note theme from this opera proved crucial at one 
point in the game IIRC.]

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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