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Re: jIH vIchuHlu' - Words mentioned earlier but not in the New Words list?

6 Mar 2002 lab peHruS

>This is peHruS.  The above [discussion of 'I'] didn't happen just the way 
>it is written!!!
>I recalled that someone had brought up "armpit" and {'I'} as an example of 
>what not to do, i.e., create words, because that would confuse anyone who 
>could not find the word glossed in the available materials. Even then I 
>said I thought is was ~mark, not Marc.
>Next, I NEVER included it in my word list.
>BTW, I have never published my word list for anyone to see. So, how do you 
>"know" what is in it?
>I did ask about the word.

5 Jul 1996 lab peHruS

>I have seen {'I'}. It means "armpit." It was added by MO about a year ago.


qawlaHchu'wI'pu'vaD lutmey tIchoHQo'.

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