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Re: jIH vIchuHlu' - Words mentioned earlier but not in the New Words list?

In a message dated 3/6/2002 11:07:10 AM Mountain Standard Time, writes:

> Many of us love the word {'I'} and its method for becoming canon. The juicy 
> part of the story begins when peHruS wrote in, telling me I needed to 
> include 
> it in the New Words List. He didn't remember where he got it, but he was 
> it was from Okrand. We argued about it for a couple weeks.
> ghunchu'wI' went back through the archives and found that it actually was a 
> word that ~mark, the grammarian at the time, had made up in an argument he 
> was 
> making AGAINST making up our own words. Someone wanted us to just make up 
> new 
> words without Okrand. ~mark said, "But if we do that, how is someone out 
> there 
> who bought TKD, but never heard of the KLI going to know that {'I'} 
> means 'armpit'?" It was a joke. We forgot it.
> But peHruS put it in his word list and didn't record the source. We can't 
> fault 
> him too much for that. In those days most people had word lists with no 
> citations of the source. This was not uncommon.
> So, we had this funny story to tell Okrand at the next qep'a'. He heard it 
> and 
> laughed with the rest of us, but then got a mischevious grin and said, "But 
> you 
> know, there really is a Klingon word for 'armpit'." 
> This got our attention. We uttered a collective, "Really? What is it?"
> He grinned and said, {'I'}.

This is peHruS.  The above didn't happen just the way it is written!!!

I recalled that someone had brought up "armpit" and {'I'} as an example of 
what not to do, i.e., create words, because that would confuse anyone who 
could not find the   word glossed in the available materials.  Even then I 
said I thought is was ~mark, not Marc.

Next, I NEVER included it in my word list.  

BTW, I have never published my word list for anyone to see.  So, how do you 
"know" what is in it?

I did ask about the word.

Although I was not present at the time MO confirmed that {'I'} indeed is the 
tlhIngan Hol for "armpit," the story I heard is that there was a Hokey Pokey 
dance going on and MO said "put your 'I'Du' in," etc.


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