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Re: jIH vIchuHlu' - Words mentioned earlier but not in the NewWords list?

>> {jeghpu'wI'} - That's a simple suffixed word. One who has surrendered.
>> Okrand made some sort of big deal of it, offering some shade of meaning that
>> isn't obvious, I wouldn't include it in the New Words List.
>Well it was used in the book extensively and the meaning supplied was not
>just people who have surrended as it went into the degree of surrended
>stating that it did not apply to slaves... Please see seperate email only
>showing the Glossary to avoid confusion (all words including those known).

The specific meaning as used in the book was devised by DeCandido.  The
word  {jeghpu'wI'} itself was the closest simple grammatical rendition of
the intended meaning that a small group of people could come up with
quickly.  [Before he asked for assistance, DeCandido was apparently ready
to name them {charghwI'}.]

This, at least, was emphatically *not* an official Okrandian coinage.

>> {ra'taj} is already in KGT.
>Yes it is but not that I can see as being the word for Raktajino. I haven't
>seen that link before.

Read page 96.  Over half a page is devoted to the topic.

-- ghunchu'wI' 'utlh

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