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Re: jIH vIchuHlu' - Words mentioned earlier but not in the New Words list?

> I listed/specified in the message tlhIngan for, 
> "teacher, mentor", "a condiment", "conquered people", "Death Ritual",

As others have said, the words have to come from Okrand; no problem.

Now, the word "teacher"...  we have ghoj "learn".  Okrand even included 
ghojmoH "teach" (actually "cause to learn"), he did this because people might 
not think to look up "learn" and add -moH.  Among the first things one learns 
are the prefixes and suffixes.  Verb suffix -wI' becomes very well known.  
Adding -wI' to ghojmoH isn't a big step.

What words with -wI' should get listed, which ones shouldn't.  This is why it's 
difficult to answer when someone asks "How large is the klingon vocabulary?".


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