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Re: jIH vIchuHlu' - Words mentioned earlier but not in the NewWords list?

jumISqu'moH, qe'San.  My first reading of your original note sure gave *me*
the impression that you were asking if that list of Klingon planet names
belonged in the New Words List.  That's what the note's subject line is
talking about, after all.  Since you say that's not what you were asking,
I'll believe you, but neither of your first messages made that very clear.

>> > But the question is still valid. Is the source
>> > considered canon by the KLI.

The narrow definition of "canon" which is generally agreed upon by the
KLI's most active members is "that which comes officially from Marc
Okrand."  If Okrand didn't write what you refer to as "the source", the
answer is almost certainly "No."

>Although indirectly answered ... my question again. I thought it was

The context in which you presented it was obviously not as straightforward
as you intended.

>I accept that I had not given you an example but that would not of helped
>answer whether or not the glossary was canon. Which was the question and
>specified in the first five lines of the original email.

[Not to be unecessarily pedantic or anything, but the question appears in
the *sixth* line of the email, even after disregarding the blank third
line.  It also looks very much just like an introductory comment to what I
-- and Will as well, it seems -- took as the real question of why they
aren't in the New Words List.]

>If you really want one.. The word that got me going was jeghpu'wI'.

Oh, this is just *too* good! :-D  The source of that word, believe it or
not, happens to be Will Martin.  [I've got the email logs to jog his memory
if he doesn't recall the occasion.]

>Now the full Glossary as promised thanks to De'vID:'re guilty again of presenting a bunch of words and asking about
their legitimacy without considering whether they're already in the known
vocabulary.  Of the entries you copied here, most can be found in TKD or
KGT.  Only a few are "novel", and half of *them* are proper names.  The
only general words (all nouns, for what it's worth) in the list which
aren't already in the dictionary are the names of two animals, a condiment,
a martial arts move, and a weapon.

So your original question appears to boil down to this:

"Are {gha'poq}, {ghISnar}, {Qa'Da'}, {mong'em}, and {tIqleH} considered
proper 'canonical' Klingon words?"

I have no special authority, but without an acknowledgement by Marc Okrand
that he indeed provided these words, I'm not going to put them in *my*
personal dictionary.  Since most, if not all, of them are straightforward
transcriptions of terms used on the Star Trek TV show, I don't have much
reason to think that Okrand did provide them.

-- ghunchu'wI' 'utlh

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