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Re: adverbials with -Ha'

On Wed, 26 Jun 2002, Steven Boozer wrote:
> Also, remember that some adverbials already 
> have an unrelated opposite - e.g. {nom} "fast, quickly" vs. {QIt} "slowly"; 

I should point out that *nomHa' might still be valid -- "not quickly" is
not necessarily the same as "slowly".  It might mean something between
the opposite cases, which gives some control over specificness.

> {bong} "accidentally, by accident" vs. {chIch} "purposely, on purpose, 
> intentionally" - so adding {-Ha'} to these probably won't work either.

Even here, you can have levels of emphasis with *bongHa' or *chIchHa'
that the two extremes don't give you.

In general, I'd say we can't rule these out yet, though of course we have
no canonical reason to use them either.
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