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Re: adverbials with -Ha'

ghItlh DloraH:

>Another twist, does /batlh bIHeghbe'/ mean "You will not die honorably"
>- as in: You will die, but it will be dishonorably.
>- or as:  You will continue to live honorably.

Exactly! bIvalqu'.

Though, the focus really isn't on "continuing" to live (or we'd toss in a 
{-taH}, but simply that right here and now, you're going to live, and it just 
so happens there's something honorable about it.

Can we play this game with other adverbials? How about {tugh}?

{tugh bIcheghbe'}
Is that "you won't return soon" or "soon you won't return"?

I feel like I must be missing something here (or it could just be the heat 
and humidity affecting my brain). But then, that's why I'm not a grammarian. 
I appeal to one of you to show me the error of my ways.


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