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Re: adverbials with -Ha'

> >Here {batlh bIHeghbe'} doesn't mean merely "you won't die" but that
> >"you won't die honorably".(I'll leave the question of whether "dying 
> >without honor" {batlh Heghbe'} is the same as "dying dishonorably" 
> >{batlhHa' Hegh} for another thread.)-- 
> These are exactly the sorts of questions I like. Let me spin it slightly
> differently, to make the point clear. 
> Does the sentence {batlh bIHeghbe'} mean
> 1) you will die dishonorably.
> 2) you won't die honorably.
> ...

Another twist, does /batlh bIHeghbe'/ mean "You will not die honorably"
 - as in:  You will die, but it will be dishonorably.
 - or as:  You will continue to live honorably.


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