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Re: the banned book / BG

> ja' Voragh:
> I think Pillow meant that a martial arts publisher or a business that sells
> martial arts paraphernalia  ("a warriors' business") is selling HetaQ's
> book again, not that it's being marketed only to us warriors.

> lughchu' Voragh.

vagh ben betleHwIj vIje'pu'.
Huch mayqu' vIDIlpu'.
nuHmey vIchenmoHta'.
QaQ Hotbogh nuH'e' vIyaj.
malja'vam vIchup.
*Wing Lam 'oHtaH pongDaj.

How would one express 'price'?
How can I add detail to the concept of 'feel', like describing good heft or

Does <Hot> only mean 'feel' as in "I feel the rain on my face"? Can it also be
used like "I feel heavy, turn down the gravity"?

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