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RE: the banned book / BG

> vagh ben betleHwIj vIje'pu'.
> Huch mayqu' vIDIlpu'.

"five years ago I had already purchased it. I already payed ..."
Remember, -pu' and -ta' are not past-tense.
They might be correct here, I don't know the timeline; but I'm thinking you
don't want them.

DIl is "pay for", not "pay (money)".
You "pay for the weapon", you don't "pay for the money" (unless you're in
the mafia doing a little money laundering).

> nuHmey vIchenmoHta'.
> QaQ Hotbogh nuH'e' vIyaj.

Hot - "touch, feel"

"I understand it the weapon that touches is good."
Hmm, I guess it depends how it touches you.  ;)

> malja'vam vIchup.
> *Wing Lam 'oHtaH pongDaj.

The subject noun after a pronoun-as-verb needs the suffix -'e'.
Wing Lam 'oH pongDaj'e'.

> How would one express 'price'?

nuH DIlmeH Huch poQlu'bogh

> How can I add detail to the concept of 'feel', like describing
> good heft or balance?

QaQ nuH, "The weapon is good".  If the weapon didn't have good balance it
wouldn't be good.

> Does <Hot> only mean 'feel' as in "I feel the rain on my face"?
> Can it also be used like "I feel heavy, turn down the gravity"?

"TOUCH, feel"

For "I feel heavy":  jI'ughlaw'.

DloraH, BG

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