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RE: KLBC: Translating a motto

> "Kill them all, and let their supreme deities decide."
> 	Hoch DIHoH.  wuq Qun'a'pu'chaj 'e' wIchaw'.
> Am I close?  Thanks.

The english is a command which would be done with yI-,
Hoch yIHoH  "kill everyone!".
Yes, that's yI- instead of tI-.  Likewise, if you stay with the form you
have, you need wI-.  Hoch wIHoH.  Hoch is plural, but is treated
grammatically as singular.

What if the group you're killing has only one supreme deity?  In klingon
specifying plurals is optional.
Qun'a'chaj = their supreme deities = Qun'a'pu'chaj.
It works with or without the -pu'; and it also works for those that have
only one supreme deity.  Just a thought.

So, yes, you are very close.  Just that prefix DI- to wI-.

DloraH, BG

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