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RE: KLBC: rItlhmoQ veS Quj lut

> *** I know there's probably some really bad errors in here.

Errors, yes; but I understood what you were saying.

> This may very well be the longest and most complex
> thing I've tried to do yet with Klingon

And you did well.

> I figured that if I found something to "apply" my knowledge to it
> would help and this seemed a good subject.

It is a good idea to write about something you're familiar with; and this
topic is especially good because your BG happens to be quite familiar with
the topic also.

> I'm sure that with time and practice I'll get better.

Keep with it and you will.  It takes time and patience.

> wej leS ngemDaq jaghpu'wI' vIghob.

I believe ghob is intransitive, so the two parties involved are both
maghob jaghpu'wI' jIH je

> jaghpu'wI' chaH juppu'wI'.  Quj 'oH noHwIj.  rItlhmoQ 'oH QujwIj.

The subject noun of a pronoun-as-verb requires the -'e' suffix.
Quj 'oH noHwIj'e'.  rItlhmoQ 'oH QujwIj'e'.

> batlh vISuv.  jIQap.  jaghwI' vIjey.
> jaghwI' vIghoS 'ej jItam.  muQoybe' jaghwI'.  jIQeq 'ej jIyep.  muSambe'
> jaghwI'.  jIbach.

> rItlhwIj tuQ jaghwI'.

I like your choice of words here.
For the other beginners out there that are tagging along, I would like to
mention other possible words:
nguv  "be dyed" (v)
nguvmoH  "dye, cause to be dyed" (v)

> cha' ben wej wen je rItlhmoQ veS Quj vIQujchoHtaH.

toH, chu'wI' SoH!  ;p
ngugh QujchoH be'nalwI'.  wa'logh Quj 'ej DaH ngotlh.

> wa'logh vIQuj 'ej
> vIparHa'chu'qu'.  jajvetlh may'luchwIj vIje'.
> cha' ben *Oklhahoma*Daq vIjaH 'ej *D-Day* Quj'a' vIQuj.  jeS jav vatlh
> SuvwI'.  Qap ghomwIj.

> wa' SaD Soch vatlh *mile*mey jIjaH

This needs a -Daq.

> ghIq may'vamDaq jIjeS.

> nIvqu' may vIjeS.

"I participate it the battle is very superior"

> This was the best battle I have participated in.

jeS is intransitive, it doesn't take an object. (as far as we know)
You used it correctly in the other places.

To say "the best of something" one uses the law'/puS.
may'vam *** law' Hoch may' *** puS.
*** ==> nIv, Dun, QaQ, etc.

> wa' ben Hut wen je *PA*Daq qo' ta Quj vIQuj.

Ouch.  /qo' ta Quj/ is a direct play on the english.  Hmm, the english is
just as bad; how does "world record" imply "the world's largest".
Apparently this is the shortened version over time of "the largest RECORDed
in the WORLD".  Hmm, language can be weird.  And I don't suspect the klingon
ta to carry the same meaning.  But without a large description, I can't
think of anything right now that would work.

> jeS wa' SaD chorgh vatlh
> SuvwI'pu'.  Qapqa' ghomwIj.
> wej vatlh *mile*mey jIjaH ghIq may'vamDaq jIjeS.

Same as before; milemeyDaq jIjaH.  Without -Daq what is "mile"?  It's not
the object because the prefix implies that there is no object.

And the /ghIq/ (which you've used this way a few times)...
"I want 300 miles; then after that, in this battle, I participate."
It is grammatical, and true, but I keep recalling Monty Python's Holy Grail
when they read how to use the Holy Hand-granade.  Your english says, "I
traveled 300 miles to participate in this battle."  This would utilize
the -meH suffix.

may'vamDaq jIjeSmeH, wej vatlh mileDaq jIjaH.
"For the purpose that I participate at the battle, 300 miles I go."

Because the battle does have a physical location I am continuing to use -Daq
on /may'vam/.  Some people might prefer -vaD.
may'vamvaD jIjeSmeH...
"For the purpose that I participate for the battle..."

> ngor Hoch QujwI'pu'.

"All the players cheated."

> There were many players at this game who cheated.

ngor QujwI' law'.  "Many players cheated."

We also have /HochHom/ "most".  HochHom QujwI' "most players".

> DaqvetlhDaq vIcheghbe'.

The place is the object of /chegh/.  You're part way there, you put the
right prefix.
Daqvetlh vIcheghQo'.

vIcheghbe' - I do not return...
vIcheghQo' - I won't return...

> wa' ben *D-Day* QujDaq jIQujqa'.  jeS wa' SaD cha' vatlh SuvwI'pu'.
> Qapqa' ghomwIj.  wa' SaD Soch vatlh *mile*mey jIjaHqa' ghIq may'vamDaq
> jIjeS.


Qujvam Delbogh ghItlh'e' vIlaD.  Daj.

> cha' Qujmey *Westpoint* QI' DuSaQDaq jIjeS.

DuSaQ is merely a school.  We have  'ampaS  for "academy".

"At the Westpoint military school of the two games I participate."

Westpoint QI' 'ampaSDaq cha' QujvaD jIjeS.

(ghorgh qaS Qujvam?  chaq Quj vebvaD nItebHa' machargh.)

> QaQqu' cha' SaD wa' Quj.

"Two thousand one games are very good", 2001 being a quantity.
Add /DIS/.
QaQqu'  DIS cha' SaD wa'  Quj.
"The game of the year 2001 was very good."

> jeS jav vatlh SuvwI'pu' wej ghommey je.

"600 hundred warriors and three groups participate."
This doesn't sound like the 600 people are divided into three groups/teams.

> DaHDIS jeS wej vatlh vagh maH
> SuvwI'pu' 'ej jajvetlh SISta'.

"350 participated and that day it had already rained"
You don't want the -ta'.

> Quj wItIv 'ej machegh.
> Hoch Hogh rItlhmoQ veS Quj vIQujtaH.

I'm not sure if you want the -taH on there.  It sounds like you don't have a
job and you're some super paintball machine that plays nonstop.  (I sure
that you really are, but...)

My turn.

wa'maH ben Long IslandDaq Quj'a'vaD jIjeS.  jeS wa'SaD cha'vatlh SuvwI'.
vengHom lutu'lu'.  waw' lutu'lu'.  nIch ngaq qachHom lutu'lu'.  nIch qach
Danchugh ghomlIj, nIch DaSuqlaH.  che'ron tlheD QujwI' net chaw'be'; vaj
nIch qach Danbe'chugh ghomlIj ...
yav Duj tu'lu'.  tank rur.  muD Duj tu'lu' je.  bachlaH muD Duj. ('ach muD
DujvaD luQeq QujwI' net chaw'be'.)
'ej Qap ghomwIj.

DloraH, BG ... rItlhmoQ Qun  :]

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