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RE: words for edit image

ja' SIqar:
>I'm just trying to get a grip on it and when I've been told that visual
>display means more like graphics doesn't help when visual display in
>English means the computer monitor and not the content of the monitor.

What probably *would* help you is some knowledge of the context in which
the words were originally used.  During the first few minutes of Star Trek:
The Motion Picture, the Klingon commander calls out {wIy cha'} and a
tactical schematic appears on the main viewscreen.  He then says {HaSta'}
and the image from the visual sensors is displayed.

From this example of usage, we understand that {wIy} and {HaSta'} refer to
what is shown on screen.

>And someone has gone and used nagh beQ on the google website to mean
>images, or am I confusing graphics and images, or someone should go and
>fix that up.

{nagh beQ} is the closest thing the translator came up with for "image" or
"picture" in the Google context.  It's not perfect, but given the
constraints of having to translate noun-based labels, I think it's pretty

On the other hand, your desktop is not limited by existing context, so you
have the advantage of being able to choose phrases which more accurately
reflect the idea you want to express.  If you want to talk about using
something like Photoshop to modify a picture, maybe you'd accept a simple
{DIj}.  It means "paint with a pigment stick."

-- ghunchu'wI'

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