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RE: words for edit image

At 7:40 AM +1000 6/12/02, SIqar wrote:
>I'm not a linguist
>I only know English grammar because it's the one I was bought up with.
>(and I'm not great at it)

I'm a bit of lurker; I'm not making the time to learn Klingon, because
I'm trying to learn German right now, and my 11-years-rusty Japanese
is blocking enough.  But...

>And I thought that if one word meant something in one language and
>anther word meant something similar in another language that you could
>use the words to express the meaning.

What Will was trying to point out is that assuming there is an exact
word-for-word correspondence between two languages is simply not true,
and moreso, it can be detrimental to learning the new language.  And
with Klingon, there were attempts to make it seem alien, so you should
assume even less about how Klingon should be based on what you know
English to be.  Okrand gave it features that are DECIDEDLY non-English.

I'm no expert in languages, but trying to THINK IN the new language
rather than TRANSLATE TO the new language is always the better approach
for true understanding.
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