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RE: words for edit image

> I'm just trying to get a grip on it and when I've been told that visual
> display means more like graphics doesn't help when visual display in
> English means the computer monitor and not the content of the monitor.
> And someone has gone and used nagh beQ on the google website to mean
> images, or am I confusing graphics and images, or someone should go and
> fix that up.

KGT p80:
   Carving or incising is also done on flat surfaces, usu-
ally a stone panel or nagh beQ (literally, "flat rock"), a
term that has been extended to mean the resulting art-
work itself as well as similar pieces, including paintings.
Such carvings are sometimes just ornamental, some-
times informational (if the Klingon writing system,
pIqaD, is incorporated into the design), sometimes rep-
resentational. What the Federation would classify as a
painting--that is, a nagh beQ featuring an image not
carved into it but painted onto it--is made by applying
rItlh ("pigment, paint, dye") ...

It doesn't sound like /nagh beQ/ refers to any 'ol picture, poster,
photograph, etc.

The only canon usage we have for "visual display" is,
Proper:  HaSta yIcha'  		Show the visual display!
Clipped: HaSta			Visual (display)!

Remember that this is a term that is used in Star Trek.  Don't look it up in
the English dictionary, listen to how it's used in the shows.

In Star Trek, I think it gets used when they're talking about things like
live video.  Show the visual display on the main viewer, so you can see the
other ships in space in front of you.  Tactical display, Mr Worf; and we see
a grid showing where the ships are placed.

So how do we refer to this Bird-of-Prey poster on my wall?  Oh, Marc?!...

DloraH, BG

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