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Re: [KLBC] SISpu' [KLBC]

>I think, that without question, that is the best explanation I have ever
>heard about sentence structure.  I have saved this e-mail on my hard drive.

>taSvetlh pup law' taSmey pup pus.  De'wI'Daq vIpolta'

>(sorry about taS, what's a better word??)

I was trying to find a noun for explanation, hence taS.  It might have been
less confusing to rewrite it to use the noun QIj...


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> > It did, I deliberately misused it because I couldn't find the word I
> > was looking for, 'Explaination'.
> What was the original intent again?
> QIj is "explain".
> DloraH, BG

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