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Re: [KLBC] SISpu' [KLBC]

> A better word for what?  {taS} means "liquid", but I'm not sure what you
> were trying for.  There's nothing in TKD near either "liquid" or {taS}
> which might match the word "explanation" you gave in English.

ja' Nathan Grange <>:
>In nitro pojwi', (I have misplaced my TKD) taS came up for 'solution'

What's nitro pojwi' [sic]?  I don't know how it presents words, but it
should have told you that {taS} means "solution (liquid)" the way the word
is defined the The Klingon Dictionary.  If it just said "solution" by
itself, then I would call it a failing of the tool.  If it did include the
"liquid" part, then I would remind you that you can't just take a single
part of the definition out of context.  The Klingon word typically means
*all* of what is given in the English definition, or at least has the
meaning common to them.

I still don't know what you really wanted to say, since "solution" doesn't
have a lot to do with "explanation" as you used it.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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