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RE: cha'DIch KLBC rI'

>The human expects you to SAY something first. You have to politely wish 
>well (whether you actually care about them or not) and announce the end of 
>conversation with a "Good bye" or maybe even a hand-shake (terribly unclean
>habit - a great vector for disease, if you ask me) before you get 
>permission to
>leave without offending the stupid human.
>Similarly, you can't just walk up to a human (your actions indicating that 
>want to talk to them) and just talk. You have to politely check out whether 
>not the other person welcomes you into conversation. You wouldn't want to
>INTERRUPT their precious revery. They might be thinking of something 
>and if you distract them at the wrong time, they might never find their way
>back to that precious, fragile thought.
>So, at a polite distance, you say, "Hello?" Note that an interrogative tone 
>favored, even though this is a greeting and not a question. That's another
>stupid human convention.

motlh juppu' moj Humanpu' qechmey ja'chuqDI'
motlh juppu' moj tlhInganpu' tay'DI' SuvDI'
(chaq meqvammo' "philosophy" 'oSbogh mu' wISovbe', 'ach "war", "fight", 
Dochmeyvam rurbogh Dochmey je 'oSbogh mu'mey law' wISov.  tlhInganvaD, veS 
potlh law' "philosophy" potlh puS.) (qoj veS ja'chuqghach potlh law' 
"philosophy" ja'chuqghach potlh puS.)


jaw'qu' Humanpu', jaw'qu'be' tlhInganpu'.  mujbe' Humanpu'.  QIpbe'.  pIm 
('ach tlhIngan Daqu' jatlhbogh ghot: <<muj>> qoj <<QIp>>.  vuDmey HoS ghaj 

bom ngo' muqawmoH:

Dochmeyvamvo' latlhmey rurbe' wa',
Dochmeyvamvo' rapbe' neH wa',
Dochmeyvamvo' nIteb vang wa',
Qujmaj DaQuj'a'?
Qujmaj yIQuj!

<Dochmeyvamvo' ... wa'> <... Dochmeyvam wa'> ghap vIwIvpu'nIS.
wIvlIj yIngu'.  meqlIj yIQIj.

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