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RE: Picture of desktop in English, tlhIngan & piqad

>>"edit visual display data", again there is more than one way to do
>>this.  /HaSta De' choHwI'/ "Visual Display Data Changer".  /HaSta De'
>>choHlu'/ "Visual Display Data Is Changed".
>If "edit visual display data" is what you mean, use the simple
>   HaSta De' yIchoH!
>   Change (alter) visual display data.
>Why do you need {De'}, anyway?  Why not just say:
>   HaSta yIchoH!
>   Change the display.
>BTW, Okrand has used {choHwI'} "thing which alters (something)"
>twice:  {HoS choHwI'} "transtator" and {woj choHwI'} "reactor" (lit.
>which alters radiation" [Okrand's explanation!]), so *{HaSta (De')
>would be consistent.  What does this button do?

It launches Macromedia Fireworks ( image editing software)

>>qawHaq'a' naw'wI' "main data banks accessor"
>>qawHaq'a' naw'lu' "main data banks are accessed"
>>qawHaq is already plural, "data banks".  /qawHaqmey/ I guess would be
>>groups of [data banks (plural)].
>I'm not sure what's supposed to happen when you click this button, but
>not keep it simple and use the imperative again:
>   qawHaq yInaw'
>   Access data (memory) banks.

It launches Internet Explorer. 
Which connects to multiple memory databanks

I've got the icons to the programs beside the writing. But if you have
never seen the program then that doesn't help much.

>BTW Peter, nice art work on your display.  I particularly like the red
>grid, or tactical display {wIy}, on the left.


I used Macromedia Fireworks to do it all. I can't get a handle on Adobe

The Clock is someone else's work. (an object in desktopx)
The menu, buttons and hash background I did from scratch.

I also use ICQPLUS with a klingon theme.

The background is a program called xearth.  
Xearth renders a shaded image of the earth on your desktop and this
version supports the display of earthquake information on the image.

>Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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