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Re: Picture of desktop in English, tlhIngan & piqad

> >"edit visual display data", again there is more than one way to do
> >this.  /HaSta De' choHwI'/ "Visual Display Data Changer".  /HaSta De'
> >choHlu'/ "Visual Display Data Is Changed".
>    HaSta De' yIchoH!
>    Change (alter) visual display data.
> >qawHaq'a' naw'wI' "main data banks accessor"
> >qawHaq'a' naw'lu' "main data banks are accessed"
>    qawHaq yInaw'
>    Access data (memory) banks.
> There's nothing wrong with translating an English noun phrase with a 
> Klingon verb phrase in the imperative.  In fact, some would say using 
> commands feels more "Klingon".

I guess this depends on how you view the screen.  Are the buttons telling the 
user to change the screen?  (But what if I don't want to change it?) Or is the 
button telling the computer what to do.  
I agree now with the second; the user clicks on the button and tells the 
computer to "access the memory banks."
Earlier I was thinking in the sense of the button informing the user how to go 
about doing a particular task. "click here to access the memory banks".


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