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Re: Picture of desktop in English, tlhIngan & piqad

Peter wrote:
> > HaSta De'             De'wI'wIj      yIrarwI'         legh
> > Visual Display Data   my computer    you connect      see
> > You connect to see pictures of my computer

DloraH, BG wrote:
>I'm not sure what verb would be better.  We don't know if klingons think the
>same as we do with "Cyber Space" and use /ghoS/.
>I suppose we could use /naw'/ "access".
>De'wI'wIj yInaw'.  HaStawIj yIlegh.

Simple and clear, but you can combine these:

   HaSta DaleghmeH De'wI'wIj yInaw'!
   (In order for you) To see the visual display, access my computer!

>yaHQap, you created a compound noun, and did so by connecting a noun and a
>verb.  "Functioning Duty station"?  "workstation" and "duty station" can mean
>the same thing.  You could go with just yaH.  /{vmware} yaH/.

I agree.  {yaH} "duty station, station" is fine by itself.  Many on this 
List use {yaH} to mean  their job, the place where they work (i.e. their 
office, desk or cubicle).  DaH yaHwIjDaq jIHtaH ("I'm at my duty station now.")

We have a couple of variations used by Okrand: {Qu' vu'wI' yaH} "Mission 
Ops" ("mission manager's station") and {ropyaH} "infirmary" (i.e. 
sickbay).  I've also seen *{ya yaH} "tactical station (on ship's bridge)" 
used on this List.

>"edit visual display data", again there is more than one way to do
>this.  /HaSta De' choHwI'/ "Visual Display Data Changer".  /HaSta De'
>choHlu'/ "Visual Display Data Is Changed".

If "edit visual display data" is what you mean, use the simple imperative:

   HaSta De' yIchoH!
   Change (alter) visual display data.

Why do you need {De'}, anyway?  Why not just say:

   HaSta yIchoH!
   Change the display.

BTW, Okrand has used {choHwI'} "thing which alters (something)" 
twice:  {HoS choHwI'} "transtator" and {woj choHwI'} "reactor" (lit. "thing 
which alters radiation" [Okrand's explanation!]), so *{HaSta (De') choHwI'} 
would be consistent.  What does this button do?

>qawHaq'a' naw'wI' "main data banks accessor"
>qawHaq'a' naw'lu' "main data banks are accessed"
>qawHaq is already plural, "data banks".  /qawHaqmey/ I guess would be 
>groups of [data banks (plural)].

I'm not sure what's supposed to happen when you click this button, but why 
not keep it simple and use the imperative again:

   qawHaq yInaw'
   Access data (memory) banks.

There's nothing wrong with translating an English noun phrase with a 
Klingon verb phrase in the imperative.  In fact, some would say using 
commands feels more "Klingon".

BTW Peter, nice art work on your display.  I particularly like the red 
grid, or tactical display {wIy}, on the left.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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