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RE: star trek card translation

I have the card, it's been around for some time.

It is part of a set called the Fajo Collection and is for the Star Trek
Customizable Card Game.

The card is used during a battle and allows all Klingon characters which
have honour (not all Klingon character cards have it) to add their
integrity (One of the 3 main attributes) to their strength attribute,
making them stronger and more likely to win the battle.

They have used the word "ethics" for the attribute integrity.


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> Subject: star trek card translation
> It says:
> Interrupter
> Success!
> When you are threatened, fight.
> When you don't know for sure, surprise them.
> Strength alone is not enough in a fight.
> Real strength is in the heart.
> A Klingon does not run away from his battles.
> If an opponent attacks you, then during that battle
> your Klingons that have honour add ethics to the strength location.
> [It does not accumulate.]
> Does this make any sense?  It appears that this card is a playing
piece in
> a card game.  Perhaps someone who plays the game could explain what
> last parts mean.  I'm guessing that some cards represent Klingons, and
> those are either active or not active depending on whether they have
> "honour."  So playing this card allows you to strengthen your troops
> some way.  I have read the text on such cards in English, and not
> understanding the game, I couldn't understand them in English, either.
> As for the flag, Paramount doesn't use pIqaD in any particular way.

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