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RE: card from the startrek game

> Subject: card from the startrek game
> .html
> ... Also has a flag with the piqad font.
> Can anyone decipher what the flag says?

The symbols used to represent pIqaD that is used by Paramount is NOT the
same as the symbols used in the font available from the KLI.  Many of the
symbols are the same or similar; some are completely different.  You can't
use one to map out the other.  For a closer look at the symbols used by
Paramount, look in the "Star Trek Encyclopedia" under Writing Systems.
Also, the Paramount symbols don't have any values assigned to them.

If I came across this banner and tried to read it, I would realize right
away that it's not in the klingon we know because it doesn't follow the CVC
(consonant-vowel-consonant) pattern.  Plus when I get to the last symbol I
see that it doesn't match the symbols in the font that we use.

But if I do try to map it, I come up with:
(and a symbol not used in our font)

DloraH, BG

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