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star trek card translation

It says:



When you are threatened, fight.
When you don't know for sure, surprise them.
Strength alone is not enough in a fight.
Real strength is in the heart.
A Klingon does not run away from his battles.

If an opponent attacks you, then during that battle
your Klingons that have honour add ethics to the strength location.

[It does not accumulate.]

Does this make any sense?  It appears that this card is a playing piece in 
a card game.  Perhaps someone who plays the game could explain what the 
last parts mean.  I'm guessing that some cards represent Klingons, and 
those are either active or not active depending on whether they have 
"honour."  So playing this card allows you to strengthen your troops in 
some way.  I have read the text on such cards in English, and not 
understanding the game, I couldn't understand them in English, either.

As for the flag, Paramount doesn't use pIqaD in any particular way.  

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