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Re: Works

ja' Qov:
>I would use neither Qap nor vum to translate the sentences below:
>I have to work on my Klingon.

bIHaq 'e' Danab'a'?

>The chef prefers to work with raw foods.

jIyaj.  QIt vut Sojpu' tlholbe', 'ej pIj tlhoy na' nay' luchenmoHbogh.

>This ship needs work before it will fly.

raQpo' mojmeH Duj, Huch bajnISlaw'.

>I am looking for work in Nunavut.

(jIqIDbe' -- pa' Qu' DanejlI''a'?)

>Your red shirt does not work with your new socks.

toH, yIvbeH Doq DatuQ'a', qatlh paSlogh chu' Danatlhqang?
ghaytan Qu'vo' cheghbe'mo' paSlogh, qaq paSlogh ngo'.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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