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Re: Dop Hurgh HoS; <r><w><y>

>>btw, i see that <r> in klingon is no consonant, as the word <Hurgh>
>>would be impossible to pronounce if it was. is <r> like in
>>maybe this is called a semi-consonant, like <w> and <y>, too?
>If you listen to the language tapes, Marc Okrand pronounces /r/ differently 
>depending on how it is used.  When part of /rgh/, he pronounces it like an 
>American "r."  When not a part of /rgh/, he pronounces it "lightly 

When speaking Klingon I always pronounce "r" "lightly trilled" or rolled, 
including in /rgh/ cluster. I thought I was following the
MO's own instructions:

   "This is not like the r in American English, but it
   does resemble the r in some dialects of British English,
   as well as the r in many languages of Europe. It is slightly
   trilled or rolled. [TKD 1.1]

If the tapes are canon, what IS the right pronunciation?


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