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Re: Dop Hurgh HoS; <r><w><y>

ja' 'ISqu':
>If the tapes are canon, what IS the right pronunciation?

SuStel QIch vIHo'.  jatlhtaHvIS ghaH, yepqu'law'.  nIvba' teSDaj.

Once, many years ago, Marc Okrand was asked about some of the more
difficult sound combinations to produce in rapid Klingon speech.  The
{-Dt-} in {moDtaH}, for example, takes good "eye-tongue" coordination. :-)
Someone suggested the {-rgh} as in {chargh} as being problematic, but Marc
just looked as if he didn't understand the trouble and spoke it with a
[lazy] American "r".

[I don't remember from whom I heard this, sorry.]

-- ghunchu'wI'

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