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Re: Brisbane Australia

yeah, I'm in Brisbane, but I actually only signed up for this list to ask 
for a translation & haven't gotten around to it.
I was hoping to get the phrase "Speaking of mad cow disease, why are there 
so many goths out today?" translated into as many languages as possible - 
including created languages - for an art piece, and was wondering if anyone 
here would be so kind as to furnish me with a tlhIngan Hol translation?
If so, could you subject any replies clearly (eg; Mad Cows translation), as 
I have filters up the wall on my email account & don't want to waste 
anyone's time writing me emails I won't detect & read.

>From: SIqar <>
>Subject: Brisbane Australia

>Is there anyone in Brisbane Australia that would like to get together to
>learning/speaking tlhIngan Hol

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