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RE: chotwI'/mang

>  > >"Certainly I want to know their reason.
>>  >  If it is necessary, defend; then learn their reason; then if
>>  >   necessary, attack.
>>  >  I believe that I apparently know their reason.  I am able to
>>  >   respect their reason.  Because they really completely believe
>>  >   their reason, if I need to kill them, they will die honorably.
>>  >  I do not hate my enemies."
>>  (oops. i missed something out. (do you say so in english?))

oops. when i translated your klingon, i forgot to translate one line, 
so you had to correct me. because of this i wanted to say: "oops. i 
forgot to translate one line.", but i said "i missed something out", 
which maybe is wrong english. so i asked "do you say so in english?".

>  > !!! mu'mey SuvwI'.
>"A warrior of words" ?

Qu'vatlh! jIjatlh vIneH <SuvwI' mu'mey>.
(!%$^@! i wanted to say: words of a warrior.)

>  > >  I admit I'm
>>  >building my knowledge on what I heard them tell a reporter (a
>>  >reporter that they did let in to report the story).
>>  yes. of course.
>>  but between them and you are many reporters, agencies, organizations
>>  and politics. you have to completely believe in all of them if you
>>  want to build your knowledge.
>I was refering to when a terrorist actually speaks on camera, not to what
>some blonde with a smile said that someone else said that the terrorist

'ach patvaD ghIjghaD, nuq 'oS ghIjwI'vetlh.
(but what does that terrorist mean for the terrorism?)

DaH Hoch DaSuv'a'.
(do you know everything now?)

Hoch qabwI' bochu'Ha'nIS.
(you have to eliminate all the bad guys.)

latlh qabwI'pu' je bo*interview*nIS.
(you have to interview the other bad guys, too.)

Do'Ha', vIt luSo'lu'.
(unfortunately, they are hiding the truth.)

Hoch vIt wISo'Ha'laHbe'.
(we cannot disclose the whole truth.)

vIt wISovlaHbe' 'e' vIt'e'.
(the truth is, we don't know the truth.)

'ach So'wI'pu' chaHbe' ghIjwI'pu''e'.
(but it's not the terrorists that conceal.)

chaH qabwI''e'.
(it's the bad guys.)

HeSchaj So'.
(they hide their crimes.)


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