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RE: grammar questions

>  > >  > when "bIghHa'" is a prison, what would be the only place remaining in
>>  >  > which everyone is free?
>>  >
>>  >What do you mean?
>>  i mean that the opposite of "prison" is a house in which everyone is
>>  free. this could be in klingon: "bIgh". har. :)
>bIghHa' has a syllable that looks like the verb suffix -Ha', but it isn't.
>Some words do not get broken down.

yes. :)

>The english word "grammar" has nothing to do with the unit of measurement
>"gram".  When you get old and "retire", it has nothing to do with putting
>new tires on your car.

afaik: grammar comes from "glammour". "retire" comes from "re-tirare" 
= pull back, draw back.
there's always an explanation. :)


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