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Dop Hurgh HoS

QaH DloraH:

>  > >[toH, jIHvaD Dal ghu' 'e' vIchID.
>>  >  Okay, I admit it:  I'm bored!]
>>  Da' jIHvaD DalDi' ghu' nuq Da(?do?) 'e' DaSov.
>>  (at least you know what to do when you're bored.)
>nuq is a question word.  You did not ask a question.
>The Da' at the beginning, did you intend Do'?
>jIHvaD...?  "for me", or "for you"?
>Do' SoHvaD DalDI' ghu', Qu' Data'nISbogh DaSov.

:) thank you.

>  > Dop Hurgh HoS law''a'? - ghobe'. ghobe'. ghobe'.
>>  (is the dark side stronger? - no. no. no.)
>Remember OVS (Object-Verb-Subject).
>But with an OVS sentence we can't say "strongER".  You might have to do a
>comparison, which you kind of have the first half.  Stronger than what?

HoS law''a' Dop Hurgh HoS, HoS puS'a' wuv Hurgh HoS.

i don't like this version.

do i really have to say both parts of the sentence?

HoS law''a' Dop Hurgh'e' HoS?

what would this sentence mean? it's obvious that there is a <Dop 
Hurgh> and a <Dop wuv>. it sounds strange to me: "is the dark side of 
the force stronger than the bright side of the force?" it's too long.


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