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RE: chotwI'/mang (was: RE: Ten Commandments)

> i'm learning a lot about grammar itself here!


> >>  don't you have to say the sentence /.../ first and then <jIjatlh>?
> >>  it's the object of your saying.
> >
> >The words refering to the speech event like "lecture", "story",
> etc does go
> >before the verb as the object.
> >
> >The quote of what's actually being said can go before OR after, and the
> >prefix does not mark it as the object.
> toH.
> is there any word for this type of words? like "quotation", "imitation".

In klingon, no.
In some context you could refer to a quote with  mu'mey jatlhbogh "the words
which he spoke".

> >"Certainly I want to know their reason.
> >  If it is necessary, defend; then learn their reason; then if
> >   necessary, attack.
> >  I believe that I apparently know their reason.  I am able to
> >   respect their reason.  Because they really completely believe
> >   their reason, if I need to kill them, they will die honorably.
> >  I do not hate my enemies."
> (oops. i missed something out. (do you say so in english?))


> !!! mu'mey SuvwI'.

"A warrior of words" ?

> >  I admit I'm
> >building my knowledge on what I heard them tell a reporter (a
> >reporter that they did let in to report the story).
> yes. of course.
> but between them and you are many reporters, agencies, organizations
> and politics. you have to completely believe in all of them if you
> want to build your knowledge.

I was refering to when a terrorist actually speaks on camera, not to what
some blonde with a smile said that someone else said that the terrorist

DloraH, BG

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