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RE: chotwI'/mang

> ... but i said "i missed something out",

I understood that part.

> ... so i asked "do you say so in english?".

Because I understood the previous part, I that this applied to the klingon
and I was looking for what you were trying to say in the klingon.

> DaH Hoch DaSuv'a'.
> (do you know everything now?)

ghobe' jay'

> latlh qabwI'pu' je bo*interview*nIS.
> (you have to interview the other bad guys, too.)

yu' - "interrogate"

> vIt wISovlaHbe' 'e' vIt'e'.
> (the truth is, we don't know the truth.)

muHoH 'e' lunIDchugh, meqchaj vIqelbe'.  qorDu'wIj vIHub.  'utchugh  ghIjwI'
vIHoH.  !!ghIq!! meqchaj vIghoj 'e' vInID.

DloraH, BG

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