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RE: KLBC Help with phrasing

> wa'Hu' tlhoy' toStaHvIS, bong HoH'egh mangHom QIp.
>       (Yesterday, while climbing the wall, the stupid cadet accidentally
> killed himself)


> DaHjaj molpu' porgh qaw'lu'meH lo'bogh.
>       (Today the body, which was used as a reminder, was buried.

Keep track of the subjects and objects.

mol is "bury", not "be buried".  I believe the corpse would be the object.
The subject would be the one using the shovel.

"remember" - qaw.  No '.

DaHjaj  qawlu'meH porgh lo'lu'bogh  mollu'.

> I used -pu' because now, at the time, the body is buried.

DaHjaj ... molpu'
"Today ... it had already been buried."

If it's put into the ground in the period of the time-stamp, don't use -pu'
... or -ta'.

> I have tried to think of a way to make it 2 shorter sentences - is this
> better (even with a conjuction)?
> qaw'lu'meH lo'lI' porgh 'ach DaHjaj mol.
>      (The body had been used as a reminder, but was buried today.  Not as
> strong, but possible)

DaHjaj porgh mollu'.  qawlu'meH porgh lo'lu'.

We also have the word  "corpse" lom.

lom mol

DloraH, BG

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