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Re: lexicographical issue... "SuS"

jatlh qeyS:

> Question. I assume that the noun <<SuSDeq>>, "windbag,
> bellows", is something like a compound noun in origin, with the
> meaning of the second element being lost (?). Now, my question
> is: the first element, namely <<SuS>>, is that semantically closer
> to the verb <<SuS>> "blow (into wind instrument) to produce
> sound", or is it closer to the noun <<SuS>> "wind, breeze".
> Although <<SuS>> as a verb seems more obvious (since we are
> talking about a musical instrument), I wasn't really prepared to rule
> out the noun <<SuS>> as a possibility either.

We don't know.  We usually have little information on Klingon etymology, and
this is one instance.

If you're trying to use a derivation to isolate the element /-Deq/ from
/SuSDeq/, we don't have enough evidence to support that.

> P.S. I'm using French quotation marks for Klingon all the time
> since " would be too confusing, taking the sign for the glottal stop
> into account. Are there any conventions for this on this list?

Most people avoid regular quotation marks (" or ') because of the very
reason you state.  There is no established convention.  Use whatever you

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