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lexicographical issue... "SuS"

Hi people,

Question. I assume that the noun <<SuSDeq>>, "windbag, 
bellows", is something like a compound noun in origin, with the 
meaning of the second element being lost (?). Now, my question 
is: the first element, namely <<SuS>>, is that semantically closer 
to the verb <<SuS>> "blow (into wind instrument) to produce 
sound", or is it closer to the noun <<SuS>> "wind, breeze". 
Although <<SuS>> as a verb seems more obvious (since we are 
talking about a musical instrument), I wasn't really prepared to rule 
out the noun <<SuS>> as a possibility either.

The point is, if it were treated as a derivative entry in a dictionary, 
then it would have to put under either of them, since <<SuS>> (n.) 
and <<SuS>> (v.)  would have their own entries.

Kind regards,


P.S. I'm using French quotation marks for Klingon all the time 
since " would be too confusing, taking the sign for the glottal stop 
into account. Are there any conventions for this on this list? 

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