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Re: lexicographical issue... "SuS"

> > Question. I assume that the noun <<SuSDeq>>, "windbag,
> > bellows", is something like a compound noun in origin, with the
> > meaning of the second element being lost (?). Now, my question
> > is: the first element, namely <<SuS>>, is that semantically closer
> > to the verb <<SuS>> "blow (into wind instrument) to produce
> > sound", or is it closer to the noun <<SuS>> "wind, breeze".

>We don't know.  We usually have little information on Klingon etymology, and
>this is one instance.
>If you're trying to use a derivation to isolate the element /-Deq/ from
>/SuSDeq/, we don't have enough evidence to support that.

The only other use of {Deq} in a word is {ngawDeq} "mixing stick with 
flattened, paddlelike end":

   The stick used for stirring in a {'un} ("pot") is usually called a DuDwI'
   ("mixer"), though sometimes the term {'un naQ} ("pot cane") is heard. If
   the end of the {DuDwI'} is flattened out, paddlelike, the device may also
   be called a {ngawDeq}.  (KGT p.97-8)

{ngaw} is unattested by itself.  The only element of these two words we can 
identify is {SuS} which, as qeyS points out, can either be the noun or an 
apparently  specialized music verb.

BTW:  When you can't break a word down into it's component parts or if the 
parts are otherwise unattested in the glossaries, this is often an 
indication that the word is one of Okrand's puns or linguistic jokes.  But 
if there's a joke in either of these words, I admit to not being able to 
figure it out.

Speaking of jokes... there's also {may'ron} "accordion, concertina" 
(Lawrence Welk's main accordion player was Myron Floren; "Myron" is also 
the brand name of line of accordions) and DIron "bagpipes" (drone!).  The 
verbs used with these nouns include {qeb} "squeeze" and {rey} "squeeze and 
stretch out", both of which look suspiciously like names ("Cab" or 
"Ray").  Does anyone know an accordion connection?  (PeHruS once suggested 
the {rey} has to do with stretching an accordion so that the ribs [i.e. 
rays] will show, but I don't know enough about accordions to comment.)

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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