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Re: wa'DIch as a time stamp?

>  > >I don't know the answer to this question, but note that we do have the
>>  >following sentence from Skybox 15:
>>  A translation would be good :-)
>>  >wa'DIch tlhIngan Dujmey luleghlu'pu'bogh rur qItI'nga Duj.
>>  I understand this as
>>  "The K'Tinga class vessel resembles the Klingon ships which one has seen
>>  first."
>>  But that sounds wrong (gramatically) to me.
>I replied to the original message, in which I included this bit of canon, the
>whole sentence and the english.  It was on the list last night.
>I guess nobody reads my messages.  (sniff) :(

teHbe'. tetlhvamDaq narghbe'law' neH.
(that's not true. it apparently simply didn't appear on the list.)


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