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Re: RE: word-question

lab Voragh:

>>  >> > mu' "stalker" Hech Sovbejbe'.
>>>>  > (i'm not sure of the meaning of stalker.)
>>>>  since {Hech} is the object of what you know, you need the prefix for
>>>>  "I-it": {vISov}
>>  > Hech is not a noun.
>>I wrote that at school, without my dictionary. Of course it's not a noun.
>>Maybe I was thinking of {qech} "idea".
>It's also the wrong verb.  {Hech} is "intend, mean to" not simply 
>"mean".  Exx.:
>   Hem tlhIngan Segh 'ej maHemtaH 'e' wIHech
>   Klingons are a proud race, and we intend to go on being proud. TKW

i didn't know these sentences exist in klingon.

>   Ha'DIbaH DaSop 'e' DaHechbe'chugh yIHoHQo'
>   Do not kill an animal unless you intend to eat it. TKW
>You need to pay attention to all the words in the gloss, and not 
>just pick out one.  For "mean" in the sense of "What does this 
>mean?" most of us use {'oS} "represent".  Exx.:

vImughchu'Ha' vIHechbe'.
(i didn't mean to translate it wrongly.)


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