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First: How do you pronounce "similes"?
more like *sImIlIs* or *sImayls* or what?

KGT 4.2 (p. 127) show things like 
{lo'laHbe'; chetvI' chIm rur}
"worthless as an empty torpedo tube"
(it is worthless; it resembles an empty torpedo tube)

Would one understand me if I say 
{chetvI' chIm rur DujlIj}
"Your ship is worthless (as an empty torpedo tube)"

{veqlargh rur HoDlI'}
"Your captain is mean as Fek'lhr"

Or does this only work using the "pattern" shown in KGT:

{lo'laHbe'  DujlIj; chetvI' chIm rur}
{qej HoDlI'; veqlargh rur}


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