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RE: pabmey nap pagh napHa' - naDevvo'

DloraH lab:

>  > >/naDevvo'/ refers to the physical motion of going from one place (here) to
>>  >another place.  ngagh is not that type of word of motion.  Sure,
>>  >there's motion, but you're not going anywhere.
>>  i thought that f*** off [sic] means "go away", doesn't it? so i see
>>  two ways: "go away and mate with yourself" or "while mating yourself,
>>  go away". anyway, there should be some "away" in there, shouldn't it?
>That's what the person means, but to use -vo' you're going to need a verb of
>motion.  I just don't see -vo' working with ngagh.

of course, a ngagh is normally not moving from place to place. but 
this is the very absurdy of it. it's intended that the person that 
does ngagh'egh is moving himself while doing so. he's moving from 
here to another place. is it forbidden to expand the paradigm of 

but maybe i should ask less stupid questions.


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