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Re: RE: word-question

This stalker sounds more like a tracker....(like Melanie Griffith in Cherry

tracker - ghochwI'
DevwI' (?) I know this is leader from (PK?), but it also comes up as 'Dev -
lead, guide' could it be used in this way???

(it sounds interesting...  muchvam vIbejchoH vIneH)
(muchvam - this movie, (presentation, maybe much'a' ?))


> >>>  i'd like to know, how do you say "stalker" in klingon?
> >>
> >>In what context?  How is it being used?
> yoSDaq DuH Hoch, 'ej pa', Qob yItghach.
> (the "zone" is a place where everything is possible, and it's
> dangergous to walk there (aliens have visited the earth years ago,
> but they left immediatly without being noticed. all they left is the
> zone).)
> the stalker guides a zone tourist to a place in the zone where you
> can make a wish that will come true. it's strictly forbidden to enter
> the zone, so the stalker risks to get caught (anyway, once entered
> into the zone, no police officer follows him, as it's too dangerous
> for them). the stalker does this job for money, but it's somehow more
> important to him to be in the zone itself. i think he grew up there.
> bye,
> stephan,
> sts.

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