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Re: RE: word-question

lab Quvar:

>Am 28.06.2002 23:40:55, schrieb "DloraH" <>:
>>>  i'd like to know, how do you say "stalker" in klingon?
>>In what context?  How is it being used?
>DamughlaHbe'chugh vaj yIDel.
>nuq 'oS *stalker*?
>If you cannot translate it, just describe it.
>What is a "stalker" exactly?
>chaq wamwI' 'oH, chaq tlha'wI' 'oH.
>It can be a hunter, or maybe someone who follows you.
>rut tlha'wI' quvHa' rur *stalker*, 'ej rut wamwI' po' 'oH.
>You could say "follower without honor" (if the person is bugging 
>you), or maybe it's a "skilled hunter".
>chay' mu'vetlh Dalo' DaneH?
>How do you want to use that word?

mu' "stalker" Hech Sovbejbe'.
(i'm not sure of the meaning of stalker.)

"movie" vIparHa'qu'bogh pong 'oH.
(as i posted before, it's the title of a film (that i liked very much).)

"movie"vetlhDaq yoSDaq, yItwI' yepbogh.
(in that film a stalker is a person which moves carefully in the "zone".)

BTW: How do you say "in that film"?

yoSDaq DuH Hoch, 'ej pa', Qob yItghach.
(the "zone" is a place where everything is possible, and it's 
dangergous to walk there (aliens have visited the earth years ago, 
but they left immediatly without being noticed. all they left is the 

the stalker guides a zone tourist to a place in the zone where you 
can make a wish that will come true. it's strictly forbidden to enter 
the zone, so the stalker risks to get caught (anyway, once entered 
into the zone, no police officer follows him, as it's too dangerous 
for them). the stalker does this job for money, but it's somehow more 
important to him to be in the zone itself. i think he grew up there.


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